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What does it take for you to reach your future story? The Healing Center offers courses and programs to help increase skills in many different areas, including job and career skill development, computer skills, High School Equivalency tutoring, English (ESL and ESOL), and more.

If you have questions about any of the programs below, would like to be a volunteer teacher, or would like to shadow in one of our classes please call (513) 346- 4080 Ext. 389 or email

Courses Offered

Computer Classes



2018 is your year to finish High School! To begin you must first attend the First Step To Graduation information session. These classes are scheduled monthly and completely free of cost. You will begin by deciding what your future will hold.

No matter why you didn’t finish High School our instructors are here to guide you to earning your diploma and reaching for your Future Story. We will help you through preparing and testing then support you in your next steps.

We offer class five times each week and independent study at home. This program runs year-round. First Step To Graduation is scheduled monthly and seats are limited.


Jobs Rx is your prescription for job search success! Classroom time with experienced hiring managers and coaches will provide you with the opportunity to develop skills needed to set yourself apart from so many others applying for the same positions.

We will help you create or refine a resume, develop a cover letter, practice interview skills, learn beginning principles of social media like LinkedIn, and better understand the confusing world of online job search sites. You’ll leave this class more confident about your ability to better market yourself to employers.

Class Times: Friday mornings from 10-11am and 11am-12noon at the Healing Center. 
Just show up!

Jobs & Career Support

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EmPOWERed Employment is a 10-week program that pairs timeless biblical principles with your real-life work experiences and how these principles relate to your role in the marketplace. If you are seeking more meaningful work opportunities and do not know where to start, this is the perfect course for you.

In this class, you will go on a journey to discover your unique value and God-given talents. God has EmPOWERed each of us to approach work in a way that is a blessing to us and others. The class and materials are free and provided at the first class. Sessions start at various times through the year. Get more information about other Jobs & Career Support

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This course will help you learn to be in control of your money rather than a slave to your bills. Meeting in a safe group for 10 weeks, you will learn how to overcome financial challenges, live simply, manage debt, give joyfully, & more. The class and materials are free and provided at the first class. Sessions start at various times through the year.

Get information about the next session here or call (513) 346-4080 Ext. 389.

A past class participant said: "I feel safe. Once, I thought that only rich people could save money. I am proud of myself; I used to be embarrassed and ashamed."

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Friends. Fun. Cooking. In KitchenHC we will connect for thirty minutes and practice a few new cooking skills and taste the delicious fruits of our labor.

It may seem like a short time but when you see how our skilled, trained leaders guide you through our recipes, you’ll be finished in no time and ready to take your new skill home to show off to your friends and family. For more information and to see what’s cookin', check out the KitchenHC site.


Are you ready to be set free from the diet roller coaster? Can you imagine for yourself a transformation that lasts a lifetime?

Together we will work in life groups to learn, encourage, motivate, and get healthy together. In the group work, we will address some of the behaviors that have held you back from achieving the weight you always wanted. We will spend eight weeks writing our own personal Transformation Plan all while we will learn about how to incorporate faith into our food and fitness goals.

Leveraging healthy friendships in our lives to develop an environment of good habits replacing any only ways we once had. Each week we will learn different ways to fit exercise into our lives in traditional and nontraditional ways. God never meant for you to go through life alone and that includes the journey to health. The class and materials are free and provided at the first class. Sessions start at various times through the year.

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Weekly sessions addressing life, love, and relationships are part of this interactive DVD presentation hosted by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

Course topics include addressing issues such as communication, relationships, emotions, addiction, boundaries, conflict and more.

Each Thursday morning we repeat last weeks lesson in the first hour and learn a new one in the second hour. This program is completely free. Just show up Thursday mornings at 10am and 11am.