Faith Virtual Classroom

Take the next step in your faith journey.

Welcome to our Faith Virtual Classroom! This is a space where you will find a community of people just like you that are taking next steps in their faith journey. Whether you are new in the faith, in the church or have been part of it a long time these classes are for you.

Faith 101: Basic Beliefs

The Faith101 Virtual Classroom is where you will connect and receive teachings from the faculty of teachers that will cover all the topics from the book Basic Beliefs.

There are 3 steps to get access to the Virtual Classroom.

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Set up your Vineyard Cincinnati account, if you don't already have one.

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Step 3

Start the Faith 101 Virtual Classes!

Faith 101 Virtual Classroom

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Faith 201: Bible Overview

Learn the Bible's storyline Genesis to Revelation.
Faith 201 Videos Coming Soon!

Faith 301: Bible Overview

Get tools for studying and handling the Word of God.
Faith 301 Videos Coming Soon!

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