Foundations Classes

Take the next step in your faith journey.

Whether you'd like to learn more about Christianity, build a strong foundation on Christianity, or learn to study the Bible, find your best next step by taking a Foundations Class.

Basic Beliefs

Build a strong foundation on the basics of Christianity. Whether you're a new believer or have been a Christian for a while, come learn how to live and grow as a Christian.

Basic Beliefs English

Doctrina Cristiana (Español)

Bible Overview: Coming in Spring 2021

You'll start to make sense of it all as we explore the following areas: How did we get the Bible? Why is it arranged the way it is? How does it all fit together? You'll gain confidence and build a strong foundation as you learn the Bible's storyline from Genesis to Revelation.

How to Study the Bible: Coming in Fall 2021

If you've taken the Bible Overview class, this class will give you the necessary tools for studying and correctly handling the Word of God.