Growth & Healing

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get a few bumps and bruises just living life?

Growth and Healing is a collection of groups and classes designed to help bring resolution to past hurts that can affect our present living. We meet on Monday nights at 7pm in the Big Room for worship and announcements. We then move to our groups and classes.

What We Offer


Sometimes it's helpful for us to share our difficulties and struggles with a team of caring people who have an ear towards God.

How to get prayer


  • Childcare is offered during some classes and events on weekdays, evenings and weekends for young children from infants to 5th grade. See your group or class leader to confirm whether or not childcare is offered for your class or event. Childcare is separate from our Vineyard Kids ministry, which is free of charge during weekend services.

    One child $5
    Two children $10
    Three or more children $13

    Reservations & guidelines: To make a reservation for childcare, you can register for childcare at the time you register for the event online. If the event doesn't require registration, go to the event page anyway and click on the Register for child care button. Parents must remain on site, and pick up children promptly at the end of the event. Children will only be released to adults with tags that have a matching number to the child's tag.

    Email Gwen Stuart

Classes and Groups

A wide variety of Growth & Healing classes and groups are available on Monday nights, and occasionally on other days throughout the week. See list of groups and classes below.

Upcoming Groups & Classes

Jul 26

7:00 PM • Healing Center 481A

Twelve Steps for Christians Group

Looking for a Christ centered 12 step group? Are you struggling with an addiction? Come join us.

Jul 27

9:30 AM •

Thursday Solutions

Solutions is an interactive DVD presentation hosted by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend addressing a variety of topics.

Jul 31

7:00 PM •

Men's Healthy Sexuality Group

This 12-Step group is designed to help men work through issues related to pornography, recovery from affairs, sexual identity recovery and thought-life issues.

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Room B117/118

Divorce & Beyond Group

This open group (no registration required) is for anyone who is divorced or is going through a divorce.

7:00 PM • Main Church Building, Room B119/120

Overcoming Adversity

This group focuses on developing strategies to not only get through, but grow through hard times.

7:00 PM •

Codependency Support Group

Learn to recover from habits, compulsions, and pain of codependency.

7:00 PM • Area 2.4 B

Embracing God's Grace

Learn how to fully embrace the friendship, freedom, and fruitfulness that God desires for us as sons and daughters of the King.

7:00 PM • Community Room

Monday Night Solutions

Solutions is an interactive DVD presentation hosted by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend addressing many different topics.

Oct 14

8:45 AM • Banquet Room

Renewing the Mind - Saturday Edition

Learn to overcome fruitless worry, crippling anxiety, and fears by concentrating on areas that make ...

Oct 15

1:00 PM •

Premarital Sessions

This class is required if you wish to be married by a Vineyard Pastor, either onsite or offsite.