AM Jobs Rx: Job and Career Support

Please come to the back desk to schedule an appointment. 

Have you gotten your job search checkup yet? When looking for jobs in todays competitive market, you need to set yourself apart. Beginning the week of . February 22, 2020 please call or come to the Healing Center back desk to schedule an appointment for Job Coaching. With experienced hiring managers and coaches, we will provide you with the opportunity to develop skills needed to set yourself apart from so many others applying for the same positions. 

There are currently coaching appointments available three times per week, completely free and open to any level of job seeker. 

We will help you create a plan for what you need for you job search. It may mean we help create or refine a resume, develop a cover letter, practice interview skills, learn beginning principles of social media like LinkedIn, and better understand the confusing world of online job search sites or some combination of all of that. You’ll leave your appointment with what to work on and healthy next steps making you more confident about your ability to better market yourself to employers.

Dates for AM Jobs Rx: Job and Career Support