Get to know Matt Massey, the Senior Pastor of Vineyard Cincinnati Church.

Matt grew up in Lake Forest, IL, and graduated from DePauw University in 1988 with an undergraduate degree in Communications.

After college, he worked for Procter & Gamble for four years, and while doing that started a youth ministry for Lakota High School. That ministry experience eventually led to attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for seminary training.

After Seminary, Matt served on staff at Vineyard Cincinnati Church for four years as a teaching pastor. In 2002, Vineyard Cincinnati sent him out to plant Northstar Community Church in Loveland, OH, which he has faithfully led for the past 18 years.

Matt has a few deep loves in his life: He deeply loves Jesus and loves being loved by Jesus. He deeply loves his wife Kim of 24 years. He deeply loves his three daughters and loves seeing them thrive as powerful young women.

And he deeply loves Jesus’ church.

He loves seeing people, especially the next generation, step fully into their identity in Christ as we all learn to walk into our destiny with and for Jesus and desire to bring heaven to earth.

Matt loves the ministry of the Holy Spirit and loves seeing people experience all that the Spirit has for us.

Personally, he enjoys playing golf, working out, water skiing, fantasy football, craft beer, and laughing a ton. He likes Chicago sports teams (especially the Cubs) and the Netflix sports series, The Last Dance.

In October 2020, Brian interviewed Matt Massey to learn more about his favorite music, books, activities, sports, etc. Check out the video below.   

Beth interviewed Matt Massey during a service recently. Watch the service.


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