Let’s be a city on a hill (seven hills actually) and love Cincinnati by covering it with prayer. Every. Single. Neighborhood.

How to do the Prayer Adventure

Step 1: Journey to 1 of the 100 Neighborhoods

Let's raise our voice to God and pray aloud in our cars as we drive around the city. Be sure to pray with your eyes open as you drive! Take turns praying as you take each step of the adventure. 

Here's a list of neighborhoods around the city where you can pray. This is just a guide, so feel free to pray in any and every part of our city and beyond!

Step 2: Pray As You Go

Prayers for peace and stability. Prayers supporting area churches. Prayers asking God for renewal.

When you pass a...

...Pray for the teachers to have creativity and for students to connect to new ways of learning.

Doctor’s office or medical center
...Pray for the staff, for hopeful endurance and patients to be healed.

...Pray for reconciliation and unity so that each of us would seek out the best in each other.

Municipality building
...Pray for our civic leaders to have wisdom and citizens to have hearts of service.

Shopping center
...Pray that business can stabilize and more employees can be hired.

Recreation area (pool, ballfield, park)
...Pray that families can grow together safely in these spaces again.

Police or Fire Department Station
...Pray for wisdom and courage as they protect our neighborhoods.

...Pray that our travels would connect us and bring us together rather than drive us apart.

Step 3: Track Progress

Track where you are and where you're going. Keep a running count of the neighbhorhoods you pass along the way.

After arriving in the neighborhood you chose, park the car and spend a few minutes praying over that community.

Step 4: Reach Goal, Pray & Photograph

The adventure ends when you have reached your designated neighborhood and prayed for that community. When you land, text your photo to 513-763-0662.Challenge: Take a photo that showcases a local landmark to identify the neighborhood.

Fun Along the Way

Your Playlist

Set the mood in the car with this Spotify Playlist.

Spotify Playlist

Support a local business while you're out praying ... drive thru for beverages, perhaps?

Scavenger Hunt for Kids (or the Kid At Heart)

How many of these can you check off?

I spy a city park! Thank the Lord for our wonderfully designed bodies to run and play.

I spy road work! Thank the Lord for these workers and pray for protection over them.

I spy a big boy holding a hamburger! Thank the Lord for giving us food!

I spy a bulls-eye! (Target) Thank the Lord for supplying our needs. Pray protection for the workers.

 I spy an ice cream stand! Thank the Lord for treats!

I spy a dancing rodent with video games & pizza! (Chuck-E-Cheese) Thank the Lord for family and friends to have fun with!

I spy someone walking a dog. Thank you Lord for our pets to care for and love.

I spy a RR crossing sign. Thank the Lord for the people who transport the things we need. Pray protection for those crossing the tracks.

I spy a tow truck. Pray for the family (or person) whose car broke down! For safety and provision to get it fixed.

I spy a STOP sign. Thank the Lord for laws that protect us.

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