Life Groups

Life Groups

Life is done better together.

God not only loves community, He exists as community: Father, Son and Spirit. God made it possible for you to experience life with Him and life with His people.

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Find a life group

Life Groups are a great place to connect with others to grow in your relationship with God through studying scripture, investing in authentic relationships and caring for each other through prayer.

The primary filter we use is life stage: Young Adults (age 18-29), Adults (age 30-54) and 55+ (age 55 and older). In each life stage we have singles, married, single/married, men’s and women’s groups.

Can I Start A Group?

Absolutely! We would love to help you start a group with a few of your friends. We will train and equip you to lead and help you get up and going. Once you are trained, it's as easy as G.R.O.W.

  • Grab the materials
  • Recruit a few friends
  • Open up your calendar
  • Walk with another


If you would like more information about starting a group of your own email

Can I Join A Group?

Go for it! If you know someone in a group and want to join them, just ask them. This could be a friend, someone you sit with on the weekend or someone with whom you serve.

3rd Thursday (Young Adults), Women’s Community and First Friday (ages 55+) are also great environments to meet new people and get connected to a group. See below for more info. 

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