Life Groups

Life Groups

There are a variety of life groups meeting regularly on Zoom calls and in outdoor, social-distanced settings. Get more info below.

Life is done better together.

God not only loves community, He exists as community: Father, Son and Spirit. God made it possible for you to experience life with Him and life with His people.

Life Groups are a great place to connect with others to grow in your relationship with God through studying scripture, investing in authentic relationships and caring for each other through prayer.

Whether you are a Young Adult (age 18-29), Adult 30-54, or 55+, you will find a place for you and meet others in your life stage. In most life stages we have groups that are either men, women or mixed.  

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Can I Join A Group?

Go for it! If you know someone in a group and want to join them, just ask them. This could be a friend, someone you sit with on the weekend or someone with whom you serve.

Here are some other great environments to meet great people and get connected to a group. 

Young Adults

Young Adults is a community that gathers in meaningful ways to study God's Word, worship, have fun together, serve and challenge each other to become more like Jesus.

Young Adults

Vineyard Men

Vineyard Men is a gathering of Men's Life Groups. If you'd like to grow, be challenged, connect with God and other guys, you're invited to meet us on Wednesday nights at 7 pm in the Healing Center Auditorium. Whether you're a young adult (18-29), adult (30-54) or 55+ man, Vineyard Men is for you! Bring your friends.

Vineyard Men

Women's Community

Women's Community is a great place to connect with women of all ages and walks of life while studying the Bible and supporting one another through prayer.

Women's Community

55+ Community

Team up with others in the 55+ ministry and be encouraged to live a life of purpose as we make the most of this season of our lives. We have a variety of groups and classes for you to join!

55+ Ministry info


Why should I join a group?

A life group isn't just one more thing to add to your already busy schedule. It's a place to learn and apply foundational truths that will impact every part of your life. A place to learn more about what part God has designed you to play in His kingdom.

Not only will you make friends, but you'll be able to ask the hard questions about Christianity and know you're accepted. It's a place to love and be loved and challenged by others at different points in their faith journey. You may want to visit a couple of groups before deciding on the group that's right for you.

What does a life group do?

Every group is a little different, but generally a group will meet at the leader's (or host's) home, spend some time catching up about their week, spend some time in prayer, delve into a Bible study or other book or DVD study that the group has chosen, and spend time talking about how these things apply in their lives and in their unique situations.

Many groups may also serve others -- either in their neighborhood or through an event or cause that they feel strongly about and want to support with their time and energy.

Is childcare available?

This depends on the group. As you talk to different group leaders, ask about childcare arrangements. Many groups that include parents will work together to come up with a childcare solution that fits everyone.

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