The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within

Getting to know the person & purpose of the holy spirit 

The Spirit Within is a 6-week Life Group Study that will help you gain a new perspective of who the Holy Spirit is.

Let’s press the reset button when thinking about the Holy Spirit. 

Almost all of us come with some understanding from experience or teaching about the Holy Spirit, but fewer of us have a handle on what the Bible actually says about the third Person in the Trinity.

Let’s correct that together in the next six weeks of this study.

"I will pray to the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you." 
-John 14:16-17 

Grab some friends and start a Life Group, or continue with your existing group with this 6-week study.

The video-plus-workbook format makes it easy for anyone to host. Workbooks are available for $10. Email to order a workbook.

Each week you'll meet with your group to watch a video session and discuss using The Spirit Within workbook. Get ready to have some fun, enjoy great conversation, and get to know who the Holy Spirit is!

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Starting a group is easy. In fact, it is as easy as G.R.O.W.

  • Grab your study guide ($10) at any of our lobbies after any weekend service weekend.
  • Recruit some friends, family or co-workers to do the study with you.
  • Open your calendar and pick a weekly time.
  • Walk through The Spirit Within together.

We’ll send you access to the video curriculum and make sure you have everything you need to get started. Here are some next steps:

  • Recruit your friends.
  • Everyone in your group will buy The Spirit Within Study Guide.
  • Your group will start meeting.
  • Reference the Life Group Leader Section of your study guide.


Everyone in the group should:

  • Grab a study guide at a weekend service
  • Recruit some new members to join you, if you'd like to, or start new groups on the side as well.
  • Open your calendar and find a time to
  • Walk together every week during the 6 weeks of The Spirit Within

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I’m already in a life group?

That’s great! We are asking that ALL Life Groups participate in The Spirit Within. We are also asking existing Life Group members to prayerfully consider starting a new group around The Spirit Within. Doing so might be a great way to reignite your faith and also include people that might not otherwise join a Life Group.

I don't attend the Vineyard. Can I still participate in a Life Group?

Absolutely. We would love to have you join us! If you have a friend who attends the Vineyard, you can ask them to pick up a book for you after any weekend service.

What if I’m new to the church and don’t know anyone?

You can find a few friends (whether they go to Vineyard Cincinnati Church or not) and do the study together. Just follow the G.R.O.W. process above.

What if I want to join an existing Life Group?

Go for it! If you know someone in a group and want to join them, just ask them. Otherwise, you can start a new group and invite a friend or two to join you!

Can I invite new people to join my existing Life Group?

Absolutely. We are asking all existing Life Groups to pray about who the Lord might be leading them to invite and include. That said, the first option is to prayerfully consider starting a new group around The Spirit Within in addition to your existing Life Group. Both are good options. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

What if my Life Group doesn’t meet every week?

We are encouraging groups to meet weekly during this 6-week series. It will benefit the group to stay aligned with the weekend sermons.

Do we have to purchase a DVD or will the video content be available online?

You can purchase a DVD at any lobby after the weekend services, or you can access the video content online for free. The link will be available soon.

Will a DVD come with each study guide or will there be just one DVD per life group?

The DVD and study guide are purchased separately. You only need 1 DVD per group, but all group members will need a copy of the study guide.

Why is there a per person cost?

The Spirit Within has a per person cost because every person will need the study guide ($10) for notes, devotional material, etc. However, we believe in being generous people so if someone cannot afford a study guide we want them to take one for free and be part of a group. You may want to buy a couple but only take one as a way to pay it forward!

Is the content on the DVD intended to be viewed together by the group during the meeting?

Yes! Each week will have 15-20 minutes of video content, and then the group can use the study guide with the discussion questions for the rest of the group time.