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If you have any questions regarding electronic giving options, please contact Angie Dodds at (513) 671-0422 Ext. 359 or email

A Heart of Generosity ♥

Vineyard Cincinnati is a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a place of worship, learning, growing, leading, healing, supporting, loving, and giving.

We believe that our time, energy, strengths, thoughts, relationships, work, and money are all gifts from God, and that we have been given the opportunity to manage—or steward—these resources.

The process of seeking God and following His direction in being generous from what we have been given is at the heart of becoming a surrendered and spiritually-mature follower of Christ.

Each of us is on our own path following Jesus! Our hope is that the Vineyard is, or becomes, your spiritual home where you can to grow in your walk with the Lord!

We encourage those just beginning this journey to simply pray about where to start, and then grow.

Text to Give

What is the number to use for text 2 Give donations?

How do I give by text?
Text 513-657-4222 and the amount you want to tithe. You will get a text confirmation back.

Do I need to use $ symbol?

What happens if I accidentally text the wrong amount?
Text the word "refund" and the last transaction will be refunded.

How do I designate the money to a given fund?
Text the keyword and the amount, "100 missions" or "missions 100"

How do I know which funds I can designate to?
Text the keyword “fund"

What are the Vineyard Cincinnati Church Keywords?

  • Tithes & Offerings: tithes or "t"
  • Outreach: outreach or "o"
  • The Healing Center: healing or "h"
  • World Missions: missions or "m"
  • La Viña: lavina or "l"

What if I don’t enter a keyword?
Your donation will default to Tithes & Offerings.

Is there a minimum donation?
Yes, the minimum donation is $4

Green Initiatives

Biodegradable Coffee Cups


We have changed our coffee cups to an environmentally friendly, biodegradable cup. Traditional disposable coffee cups are lined with petroleum based plastic linings.

Our biodegradable coffee cups are lined with Ingeo, a plastic made entirely from plant starch. They can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. These compostable coffee cups are also certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. This was an easy move with almost no financial implications.

LED Light Fixtures


Over the past several years VCC has replaced traditional lighting with LED fixtures across the entire campus. In the first year we saw savings of 39,277 kilowatt hours in the Healing Center and Student Union buildings, and 104,640 in the Main Building.

This resulted in a 15% reduction in utility usage. The upfront cost for the project was $63,967. We are saving $34,793 per year. This means we will have recouped all of the money for the project in two years and we will continue to save going forward.

Solar Panels

solar panels

Solar Panels In conjunction with the current Staff Office Building remodel, we are installing solar panels on the roof and converting to all electric HVAC. The upfront cost for this project is $178,670. The projections are that we will reduce our utility usage in that building by 75-80%.

This will result in a projected annual cost savings of $15,970. According to these projections we will recoup the upfront money in 11 years. This one is a bit of a longer term play. We would love to increase our use of solar panels across the campus.

Our ability to expand solar on the campus or engage in other initiatives is determined somewhat by how quickly was can recoup the upfront costs of this solar project at the Staff Office Building. If you are interested in these types of “green” initiatives and would like to help financially with future projects, contact Trevor Bryan at or call him at (513) 671-0422 ext 226.

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