Divorce hurts, but there is hope.

The Vineyard’s Divorce & Beyond Program was created to help people who are experiencing the pain of divorce. Whether you consider yourself the victim of divorce, or you initiated the process, we invite you to find support at the Vineyard.

Divorce & Beyond Seminar

The Divorce & Beyond Seminar will help you face painful issues in a safe and relaxed environment where you are surrounded by people who understand your feelings.

If you think you are alone, you are not. While your situation is unique, you will meet people with common experiences and feelings. This seminar is offered twice a year, and is followed by a 13-week support group. 

Who's it for?

  • Those who are separated
  • Those going through a divorce
  • Those already divorced

Seminar Details

Divorce & Beyond Open Group

We also have a weekly support group that meets every Monday night at 7pm. It is open to anyone, and no registration is necessary. 

Divorce & Beyond Open Group

Divorce & Beyond Follow-Up Groups

We also have two weekly follow-up groups, which close after the third week. Please register below. 

Tuesday Follow-Up Group

Thursday Follow-Up Group

Need to talk to someone now?

Please call (513) 671-0422 and leave a message for our pastor on call. He/she will call you right back. 

Weekends: A pastor is available to speak or pray with you at the Main Church Building on Saturday evenings (5:30-6:30pm) or Sunday mornings (9am-1pm).