Deaf Interpretation

ASL Deaf Interpretation


Update July/August 2020

While we are meeting online, you can either watch with closed captions on our Youtube channel, or watch using the Interactio interface.


  1. Open this link in a separate browser window
  2. Enter email and a user name, if prompted by the system
  3. Use the controls on the video window to maximise it. Or put the video in "picture-in-picture" mode, for the ability to resize it and move it around the screen.

Steps for Picture in Picture

So you can see both videos in a larger view

1. Click the picture in picture button located on the bottom right corner. The video will pop out. You can adjust the size of this window by dragging the corners. You can also move this window anywhere on the screen.

2. Click on the smaller video in the upper right hand corner. This will bring the video to the main window.

3. You now have both videos side by side.

*Please note that if you use full screen you will only be able to see one video.

*Powered by Interactio.