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If you'd like to start your journey with Jesus, this is a great place to start! You'll find resources below that will help you take some next steps in your walk.


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Alpha is a series of conversations about things we all question in life: Why do bad things happen to good people? What's the purpose of life? What's next?

If you're looking for a judgment-free space to ask hard questions and share your own opinion, there's a place for you.

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Get Your Questions Answered

If you have big questions about faith like, who is God? Or why should I trust the Bible? We have some great videos for you! Mark Lutz and Swetha Vincent of Vineyard Cincinnati are here to answer your questions and guide you in next steps.

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Bible Reading Plans

There are a variety of reading plans, both electronic and print for you to choose from.

Bible Reading Plans

Read the Book of John

The Gospel of John is a good place to start if you are new to the Bible. This book captures the whole story of God. John presents Jesus as the Eternal God who became a human to save us from sin and restore us back to His image.

This is quite extraordinary because only Christianity offers a God who wants to come close because he loves us so much. Every other religion is a quest to find God but the Gospel of John reveals a God who comes to find us.

Read the Book of John

Get Baptized

Your decision to be baptized may be one of the most important you will make as a follower of Jesus Christ. We believe that baptism is not for the purpose of joining the local church but to express your decision to follow Jesus Christ.

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Do you have big questions about Christianity?

Check out these videos.

Who is God? What does God say about himself?

What's my identity in relation to God? What does God say about me?

How do I have a relationship with someone I cannot see?

How do I know the Bible is a trustworthy source?

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