New Here?

Six Steps for your first visit

Learn more about the precautions we're taking as we resume in-person services at

In-Person Services Info

1. Choose a service time


We currently have the following in-person service times. Just pick a time that's best for you!

  • Saturday at 5:30pm
  • Sunday at 9:30am
  • Sunday at 11:30am

2. Check the Map


You'll find the Vineyard located in Tri-County off Kemper Rd. across from Target.
Address: 11340 Century Circle E., Cincinnati, OH 45246

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3. Where to Park


Look for the Visitor Parking signs.
Convenient guest parking spaces are reserved for our first-time guests.

4. Join the Service


Come on in! Each service lasts about 60 minutes. We start with 20 minutes of singing, a few brief announcements, and end with a 30-minute message about how God's truths pertain to your everyday life. Learn more about in-person services during this time at

5. Ask A Question


Being new isn’t easy. At every entrance you'll find an Info Area with smiling volunteers ready to help you find your way around the building, answer questions, and make you feel at home. They’ll also have a gift for you! Just say “I’m new” and watch the magic happen!


What do people wear?

Most people dress very casually, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable...we're pretty sure what you wear doesn't matter to God, so it doesn't to us either! Learn more about in-person services during this time at

What do you have for kids and teens?

Learn more about in-person services during this time at

Where can I take communion or receive prayer?

Prayer is offered after every service. You can receive prayer from the prayer teams located by the stage or in the front of the balcony.

Communion is offered on select weekends; at this time we don't offer it every weekend because of health and safety.

What do you believe?

Vineyard Cincinnati is open to everyone -- no matter what your thoughts are about God or church.

Whether you’re new to church or been around your whole life, you're in good company with those of us who are exploring who God is -- or rediscovering what church can be.

Read a more detailed overview of what we believe.

What We Believe

What about giving?

If you're new, please keep your wallet in your pocket. Giving is for those who have made the Vineyard their home church.

We encourage those just beginning this journey to simply pray about where to start, and then grow.

Read more about the heart of giving.

Giving Info

What's my next step?

Come visit us! See locations and service times. Or watch a weekend service online.

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