Free Resources

Free Resources

Small Group Leader Training Videos

These small group training videos are designed to equip you with the skills you need to lead a safe and productive group with confidence. When you have the tools you need to lead a group well, the experience can be incredibly rewarding!

Training Videos

Bible Reading Plans

Whether you've never really read the Bible or are an advanced Bible scholar, there are a variety of Bible reading plans.

Bible Reading Plans

Trauma Informed Training Videos

Our desire is to connect with people, so we can connect them with God. In order to do this well, we need to be familiar with trauma and its effects. We've partnered with Trauma Free World to provide free training.

Trauma Informed Training

Right Now Media

RightNow Media is a streaming library of more than 20,000 biblically-based videos. There's something for everyone, with videos on a variety of topics including marriage, parenting, youth, recovery, leadership, finances and more.

It's easy to set up a free account with RightNow Media.

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Lectio Divina

READ (LECTIO) Read a small section of Scripture slowly and deliberately. Read the text, aloud at least twice with a slightly different emphasis each time. In the traditional Benedictine manner a passage is read four times.

MEDITATE (MEDITATIO) Pay attention, ponder, allow words to penetrate your awareness through use of faculties such as imagination, senses, visualization, and feelings. Ask relational questions of the passage: What does this say about God? What does this say about me? What is the meaning of the text? What is the Holy Spirit saying to me right now? What am I thinking and feeling as I read it?

PRAY (ORATIO) Pray in response to stirring that arises out of interaction with the text. Take parts of the text and pray them back to Jesus. Ask Holy Spirit to stir in you things you should pray about what you’ve read. Repent about anything that you are convicted of and ask, “what should I do as a result of what I’ve read?”

CONTEMPLATE (CONTEMPLATIO) Rest in silence, the presence of God, and allow what you have heard and felt to be absorbed into your heart and mind. Rest in love and grace of Jesus. Be still and know that God is God. Silence is the ground to let things the Holy Spirit is saying through the word to take root.

How to Take Communion at Home

Scripture Cards

These prayers are taken directly from scriptures in the New Testament. Use them to guide you as you pray for others!

Download Cards (PDF)

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