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14 Simple Ways to be Generous

JR Cifani | June 24, 2021

When we live selfless, generous lives, it speaks to everyone around us of the real-life change that is happening in us. Oftentimes, an act of kindness speaks louder than words.

As an act of worship, being generous can be awesome and fun as we bless others. Below are some examples of simple things you can do to exercise your own "generosity muscles." The key is to keep it anonymous...just between you and God. Then see what happens within your own heart as you do.

When we start DOING generous things we begin BEING generous people.

  1. At a drive-through give $20 and tell the cashier to pay for as many people as that will cover – then drive off.

  2. Buy flowers – drop them off at a nursing home, and ask for them to be given to the longest-staying guest

  3. Buy a gift card and leave it on a desk for someone at work with a note saying "Hope this brightens your day"

  4. Put a $5 bill underneath the windshield wiper of a car in your neighbor’s driveway with a note

  5. Call your favorite pizza place and pay for someone that ordered for pick-up

  6. Go to a park and pick up all the trash you can for one hour – tell no one

  7. Go to a big store like Walmart, hand a note to someone with kids encouraging them as parents – walk away

  8. Give extra money to the grocery store cashier and tell them to use that for the next person in line behind you – then leave

  9. Walk into a hospital ER and hand out CURRENT magazines to those in the waiting room – then leave

  10. Bring in donuts to a place that cuts hair – then leave

  11. Put some money in an expired meter

  12. Pay the toll for the driver behind you (when you're traveling in a place with toll roads)

  13. Buy a favorite inspirational book (not the Bible) – leave it on a table in a fast-food restaurant with a note to encourage whoever gets it

  14. Buy $10 worth of quarters - leave them in a laundromat with a note for anyone to use

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