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A Blessing for You

Beth Guckenberger | September 11, 2021

Dear Child,

I love you. I picked you before the creation of the world. I delight in how you were made — in your personality, your sense of humor, your creativity, your very self.

I created you and I honor your life. I bless you in My name and bless all you put your hand to — everything you do, you do for Me.

I forgive you. You are reconciled to me. There is nothing that would separate you from my love, I know everything about you, and am crazy about you.

I redeemed you. I paid the ransom for sin, thinking of you, knowing it was all worth it to be connected for eternity with you. You’ve been bought with a price and are worth it.

I gift to you all you need. Wisdom, patience, peace, joy, discernment, love… whatever you need, I will provide. You don’t need to look anywhere else.

I hear you. I love listening to you share your life with me. I want to connect with you — in the light and in the dark, in the valley and on the mountaintop. I see you and my eyes are full of compassion and love.

You are mine. You are adopted. You are my Child, grafted into my tree. I will go to any and all lengths for you. I will come to you, lift you up, be your father, extend mercy towards you. I will go before you and be your rear guard.

You are blessed and gifted. Being my child on this earth comes with privileges, you have grace and peace available to you in abundance.

You are a new creation. The old is gone, the new has come. Walk confidently in my power and enter into every space knowing you bear my name.

You are free from condemnation. Now go, live and love in freedom. Don’t let anyone try and whisper to you lies about your identity. You are not what you have done, you are what I have created. I look at you with grace.

You are secure in My hand. So it is with the authority and power I have, I release a blessing and anointing on you. You are my kid. This means everything.

Walk in My way, carry My name, rest in my love, share My heart… I see you and I love you.




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