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Caleb Daniel | August 7, 2019

Caleb Daniel serves at the Fairfield House Group in our Elevate High School Ministry. We are so thankful for guys like Caleb who love the Lord and mentor the next generation of men! We asked him a few questions about why he serves with high school students. 

"I love connecting with the students at HouseGroup. HouseGroup has such a great atmosphere and it’s incredible to see my guys growing spiritually. I love getting to be a part of God’s story for their lives. I feel so humbled and can hardly believe the Lord uses someone like me to help students grow in their relationship with Him. 

How has serving others impacted your life? 

Wow! There’s so much I could put here. Anyone who’s served in student ministries knows there are many challenges and head-scratching moments, but through that you learn patience and empathy. And you also learn how to laugh at yourself. 

Serving has helped me to see more of God’s character. It’s so crazy to me that the Lord uses someone like me who is so far from perfect and so unqualified. That has illuminated more and more of God’s amazing mercy to me. I get to serve alongside some awesome leaders (Fairfield has the best but I’m totally not biased) who are all so encouraging. 

It’s so cool to serve as a part of the body of Christ and so incredibly fulfilling. I am learning how serving is an act of obedience and thankfulness to the Lord for what he’s done and does for me. And God uses our obedience to produce so much good fruit that we could never produce on our own.

How did you start serving?

I got started serving at HouseGroup because I actually went to HouseGroup at the Vineyard all through high school! I had two awesome leaders, Mat and Austin, all 4 years and they had such an impact on me and God used them to help me grow spiritually so much. They encouraged and challenged me to serve at HouseGroup after I graduated and I’m so glad I did! I hope that I can be anything close to my students what my leaders were to me!

Do you feel connected to the Vineyard Community?

Yes! I’m plugged in to the Vineyard’s Young Adults community which has been awesome. This summer, Vineyard Young Adults hosted a weekly book study which was super great. I met some amazing new people and grew a ton. And during the school year I go to go to a college guys’ small group and the monthly Third Thursday events! 

Learn more about the Vineyard's Elevate High School Ministry. If you'd like to learn more about serving in Vineyard Students, connect with us.  

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