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Blue Polka Dot Shark

Shannon Niehaus | November 15, 2018

Eric McCarthy, a Cincinnati fire fighter, shared his story about the little plastic animal he received during a weekend service in September. Here's a portion of the email he sent to Pastor Eric Ferris with permission to share.

"I always thought I did a pretty good job at work, but listening to your message made me realize I could improve. I could do better. One way, one very big way was with my attitude. I love what I do, but sometimes my attitude takes over.

I like being busy. I like being able to say I work on the busiest engine company in the city. Unfortunately, my attitude doesn't always agree with that motto. I'm a driver and I totally love driving. In the past few years my life has changed a ton. Everything from dealing with some childhood abuse, to being sober for 3 1/2 years. All by the grace of God and AA.

The point of this email is you handed out these little plastic animals and told us to take them to work. I wanted to show you mine. It keeps me positive and humble when I'm at work." — Eric J. McCarthy, FAO E35 

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