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Breakthrough Ministry's 2023 First Quarter Recap

Clay Harrington | March 21, 2023

We're elated to announce, and introduce you to, Breakthrough Ministry’s first Coordinator - Audrey Willmann 🎉🎊🙌

A few interesting things about Audrey: She’s been a stay-at-home mom since her oldest was born (3 yrs). Prior to this she served young adults on the autism spectrum. She loves baking in her free time and she grew up with a Christian mom and Jewish dad - and has enjoyed learning about her Jewish Heritage.

When asked to share initial thoughts on joining the team, here’s what Audrey had to say:

“I feel so honored to be joining the staff at Vineyard and to be stepping into this new role as Ministry Coordinator for Breakthrough Ministry. I am so excited to get to be a part of all that God is doing in and through this church. Specifically, I’m excited to get to witness and help facilitate people having their lives transformed in tangible ways through the power of His spirit. Thanks for welcoming me!”

Thanks for your “YES” Audrey! Good things come to those who wait… and Breakthrough Ministry has waited a long time to receive this gift! LOL Can you help me welcome Audrey to the team? Feel free to email her a short word of welcome or encouragement at

2023 First Quarter Recap

With the first quarter of the 2023 calendar year coming to a close (and March Madness in full swing for all the college basketball fans), it can be easy to lose sight of all that God’s done in and through this house. We’ve already seen and experienced powerful moves, testimonies and stories of His goodness on full display.

To start out 2023, we equipped the church on the art, power and practice of prayer during the “Monks and Fools” message series. We want the saints to have strong abiding times in such a way we’re praying like monks. But this ‘pray like a monk’ lifestyle shouldn’t just remain contemplative… it must provoke us to lead earthly incredible lives in such a way we ‘live like fools’ for Jesus!

We heard so many great testimonies from this series. Many shared they felt more equipped to pray. Some felt less likely to rush through a ‘monologue-style prayer’ and learned how to slow down and simply abide by being still. Others felt they received more understanding on how to pray the Lord’s prayer. All in all, this series felt like a win for the people! Praise God!

Currently, we’re in the “HisStory: How Jesus’ Love Story Forms Our Life Story” sermon series. In this series we’ve been journeying the Kingdom narrative and unpacking how we’re all a part of a story larger than us all… and yet still longs for us to contribute to His Story. Thus far, the series has made a remarkable impact and pray God continues forming more stories!

Not sure if you noticed, but God has been showing up and showing off here at Vineyard Cincinnati. On Sunday, March 12, we had a Student Takeover where we invited middle and high school-aged youth to lead portions of the weekend experience. It was incredible to witness so many talented youth and see close to 60 storm the “ministry pit” to worship, exalt and celebrate Him! If you missed that weekend - feel free to watch the service here.

Not only are we experiencing outpouring on campuses like Asbury, Cedarville and Lee University, but we'll also hearing of local in-house reports of God healing cancer, carpal tunnel pain, neck pain, knee pains, backs, and more. We also experienced over 35 baptisms, over 10 salvations/recommitments, and over 15 get trained in the 5-step prayer model.

What a day to be alive! God is up to amazing things in our midst and I pray we continue to see and witness more!

For the Kingdom,


Upcoming Event

Encounter + Worship Night at Wyoming Community Coffee on Thursday, March 23 at 8pm.
This will be a night of presence-led worship, Holy Spirit ministry, prophetic encouragement, and community. We'll also be joined with a group of BSSM Redding students to help pour out and bless as the presence leads.

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