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Fulfilling God's Purpose in My Life

Geri Ramírez | November 24, 2020

We recently talked with Geri Rameriz, a Vineyard Worship Leader, about what she enjoys about serving. 

"The community that I’ve been able to build is the best part about serving as a worship leader at the Vineyard. When you sing on stage, with others, the energy that we share worshipping God together is indescribable.

I know this is my calling and I definitely feel like I’m fulfilling God’s purpose in my life by serving on the worship team.

Not many people get to see what goes on behind the scenes of putting together a worship service. We spend four services together, leading worship and the relationships I have built have been incredible.

Serving in a leadership role also puts you in a place of accountability which has only made me stronger in my faith. What I get in return for serving others is tremendous, much more than I ever imagined!

I am definitely more connected with God and I can’t thank the Vineyard enough for the opportunity to be part of a loving and caring community. 

How did you start serving in this role?

I've attended church services since I was seven years old. I was raised in a family that went to church regularly and I would join along with my parents. I never had a personal relationship with God until much later in my life. For a long time, I only attended church because my parents took me along with them.

My relationship with the Lord grew tremendously after I moved to Ohio when I was about seventeen years old. After looking at several churches in Cincinnati, we started attending the Vineyard. I’ve been a singer all my life and serving on the worship team seemed like a natural fit.

My mom volunteered my name to a member of the church leadership team and that is how I got the opportunity to audition. I started by leading at Hispanic Ministries which at the time held Spanish services at the Healing Center. Once we got together as one with Vineyard, I joined their worship team."

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