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NEW! We're Launching The Cincinnati School of Supernatural Ministry

Clay Harrington | August 23, 2022

Have you heard?! Vineyard Cincinnati Church will be teaming up with Vineyard Northwest to launch the Cincinnati School of Supernatural Ministry (CSSM) this fall!

Wondering what CSSM is?

It’s a supernatural school designed to take ordinary students through a 15-week intensive where they will receive theologically rich teaching on topics such as:

  • Kingdom Theology
  • Kingdom Worldview
  • Identity
  • Prophecy
  • Power Evangelism
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Filling of the Spirit
  • Healing and Deliverance
  • And More!

Classes will also include worship, large and small group discussion, ministry times, activations (activities/clinics where we practice what we’re learning), outreach to the community and more!

At this school, you can expect to be challenged, equipped to walk more naturally supernaturally, and grow more confident in the gifts of the spirit.

Classes will be held Tuesdays from 6:30-9p from August 30th to December 13, 2022 (the first 9 classes to take place at VCC’s Healing Center and the last 6 classes to take place at VCNW).

Interested? Learn more at

Questions? Email me at

I’m off the hook excited about this new school for the sake of our City. We are praying that this school equip saints so that Cincinnati reflects more of His Glory! We are praying that this school experiences more sons and daughters walking in their purpose and destiny so that others may be stirred to burn for Him!

We are praying that the power of the spirit is evident in our teaching, equipping, clinics, activations and ministry so that real transformation occurs deep in the hearts of our students that leads unto sustaining revival! — Clay

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