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Here to Make You Feel Welcome!

Stan Burke | July 3, 2019

"Why do you serve at the Vineyard?"

Stan Burke says, "I love Cincinnati Vineyard! I serve as a door opener and greeter at the main lobby on Saturday evenings on the A team. I'm one of the first smiling faces to tell people 'It's good to see you' or 'Welcome!'

Before I started volunteering, I liked the option to attend on Saturday but it seemed somewhat discounted because there were no greeters like on Sunday. When I asked Eric [the pastor overseeing weekend ushers and prayer teams] about it he said they needed help. Because it’s every other week I thought I could do that. 

I feel connected with the Vineyard by my serving team. We share our thoughts between the serving times of that day. As I see others arriving—some requiring more effort than others—they encourage me to be thankful and use what abilities God has given me. 

I am happy to be able to Make Other’s Visits Easier. (M.O.V.E.)"

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