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How To Share the Good News

Matt Massey | September 21, 2023

We're currently in the message series, "How to Share Your Faith (Without Being Weird)."

One way that you can share your faith is through relationship — listen to their story and ask good questions, share your story (be authentic) and then ask if you can share THE story (aka the gospel) with them. 

How to Share the Gospel

The word Gospel comes from a Greek word euangelion, which literally means “good news.”

When you want to share the gospel with someone, you can start by presenting the story of Jesus and the good news we have.

If the person you're speaking to says NO, you can respond with understanding and say something like, "That's cool, I appreciate that. Let's do something else together."

However, if they say YES and show interest, here's one way to share the Gospel:

  1. Creation: There is a loving creator, and we are all created in love for love. This highlights the foundational belief that God created everything out of love and purpose.

  2. Sin/Fall: We’ve ALL sinned (Read Romans 3 and Romans 6). We are all in need of redemption.

  3. Incarnation: God came near in the person of Jesus. John 3:16-17 illustrates that God sent His Son to bridge the gap between humanity and divinity. Jesus is the unique figure who declared, "I'm God, and I've come to show you the way to come to Me."

  4. Crucifixion: Understand the significance of Jesus' crucifixion: our sin debt needed to be paid. Romans 5:6-8 shows God's love in sending Jesus to die for us. Why did he need to be crucified? It’s hard to understand how holy God is, how much our sin condition keeps us from Him, and how great our debt is.

  5. Resurrection: The incredible fact is that Jesus rose from the dead to conquer sin and give life! The resurrection was a pivotal moment in the Gospel narrative, demonstrating God's power over death and sin.

  6. Invitation: Finally, pray and respond to the good news. Read Romans 10:9-10 as a guide for this prayer, confess your faith in Jesus and accept the free gift of salvation.

By following these steps, you can effectively share the Gospel in a clear manner, providing an overview of the central message of Christianity. You don’t have to present it perfectly. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to work in your conversation.

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