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I met God face to face.

Kevin Moxley | May 2, 2019

Kevin Moxley is a coach for the noon Hospitality team. Here he shares a bit about why he serves and how he got started with serving at the Vineyard! 

What do you like best about serving in this way? 
I get to give what was given to me the first time I walked into the Vineyard church back in 2010. 

Do you have a story about how you got started in this serving role? What first step did you take? 
Dominick Lijoi got me involved when I moved back to the Dayton-Cincinnati area in 2015. He asked that when I was ready to serve, to let him know. And that was all I needed to get involved. 

How does serving help you feel connected with the community at the Vineyard? 
Serving has enhanced my feeling of being connected at the Vineyard. I already had known most of the staff that was there at the Vineyard from when I attended from 2010 - 2013. Most were still there when I moved to the Dayton area and was able to attend the Vineyard again in 2015. Serving helped me connect to new people and the new administration. I felt the same love I felt when I walked into the Vineyard in 2010.

What do you like best about serving in this way?
Serving has helped me grow from the inside out as a Jesus follower. My parents, especially my mom noticed the change. I was already a caring person but I started serving others even when I wasn’t in my role at the church. My mother noticed the little things I was doing that I didn’t even realize I was doing. Hospitality spilled over into my entire life. It’s how I work for the clients I have. I serve them. 

How did you first start going to the Vineyard? 
I started attending the Vineyard in the spring of 2010. I am originally from Cincinnati, grew up in Forest Park and went to Roger Bacon High School. 

I found the Vineyard in the midst of a divorce and some life-changing circumstances. I was also caretaker for my grandfather on a daily basis. 

I still remember the love I felt when I walked into the building that first time. 

I walked in that first Sunday on the verge of tears, wondering where my life was headed. I remember sitting in the top part of the balcony by myself. I can remember not wanting to be close to anyone that day. But everyone made me feel welcome. I remember seeing Charlie Hines doing the worship and hearing a sermon from pastor Dave Workman.  While I sat there listening to Dave, it was almost as if God put a blanket around me, patted me on the back and said, “welcome home.” 

From that point, I volunteered in Facilities and took courses like Divorced and Beyond and Financial Peace University. I became a regular on Monday nights and my world in the Vineyard was expanding. 

I loved being there so much that I started attending two services. And I had moved from the balcony to the lower level. Then I met friends that attended the noon service, and that’s when I started attending all 3 services. I was and still am sad when the last service is over. I want more. But then I know there is the next Sunday and I now have resources, sermons, Scriptures and devotionals I read and view during the week that support my worship on Sunday.

That first day is why I serve. If I can give someone just a small slice of the love God gave me the first day I walked in the Vineyard, that is what I want to give to people as they walk in. 

I love this church, not because of the walls, programs or teachings that ring in its halls but because this is where I met God face to face, you can almost say it was my burning bush moment, all that was missing was God telling me to take off my shoes because I was standing on holy ground.

We would like to thank Kevin for sharing his serving story with us! If you're interested in serving, we would love to help you get started! Learn more here.  

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