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I am a contradiction

Shannon Niehaus | November 6, 2019

This story was told to me by one of our hospitality volunteers:

I am an introvert who happens to love people so, so much! I am a contradiction.

For years, I avoided interacting with people by rushing into the Vineyard just before services began, and rushing out when services ended.

I am obeying God's will by going against my nature and choosing to serve on the Hospitality team. It is HIS will.

Our Hospitality Team's passion is that everyone who walks through the doors feels loved, welcomed, and accepted. I want to be a part of that effort, so I do my best to show others God's love by greeting them with smiles and joy as they come in to find their seats.

Sometimes I'm so nervous about the people interaction I'm about to experience that I feel anxiety building up in the pit of my stomach as I drive into our church parking lot.

But then I walk in and His presence and peace begins to soothe my soul. I see the faces of people that are my family in Christ, and I start to feel joy instead of anxiety.

And then, there's this perfect view from where I'm standing while I serve. Watching all of these beautiful people worship the Lord with hands raised fills my spirit with happiness.

Our talented worship band's vocals and instruments invite the LORD's presence. He waIks among us, listening to our expression of devotion through song.

I always end up receiving so much more than what I give, when I choose to do His will. It is good to be His.

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