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"It’s not about me, but about HIM."

Dean Nieporte | March 5, 2020

What's your serving role?

I am blessed to be involved with the Security Team. I typically serve in the Vineyard Kids 2-4 Area securing the door to allow only authorized personnel, children, parents, and guardians to enter.

I'm always on the alert for Pastor Rob, sometimes he doesn’t have a sticker! Haha! NO STICKER – NO ENTRY!

I like to jump in at times to volunteer at Turkeyfest, the Healing Center Christmas Parties, Bible Fundamentals, and the Hunger Walk — even with a limp — they go slow enough! I pray for our pastor and staff everyday. 

What do you like best about serving in this way?

Smiles, smiles and more smiles. Everyone coming through the door has a story. It's a pleasure to see their anticipation of what will be taking place in class. Greeting so many with a just a glance but getting to know so many faces, and their stories when it works! 

I love watching the kids walk just like their parents, all with unique challenges, some on the mountain top and others treading water, but all with a God who cares and sees each one. Oh, and I have grandchildren back there! 

It's INCREDIBLE to see the effort and care the staff puts in to make each Sunday special.

In what ways has serving helped you feel connected with the Vineyard community?

Oh my, the Security Team have given me certain ownership of my station, all within their guidelines, but I feel part of the church. Each week, I see HIS plan to involve everyone in HIS church.

I open the door many times on a Sunday as people come and go, but can you imagine how many doors our Lord opens every day? Go ahead, make a wild guess! Not sure myself but I see many doors He opens and many doors He is putting in front of us. 

Being part of the church is more than membership or shareholding or financial support — it’s being involved and interacting with many people.

How did you get started in this serving role?

I served on the Counting Team for a while with Angie Dodds as our leader — she was awesome. I had an unfortunate health situation, which is funny as I wrestled with God about where He would have us. My hip replacement didn’t take and I broke my femur and ended up in pretty rough shape and had to take a sabbatical from the counting team. As I recall, Jacob did some serious wrestling with an “angel” and got a bum hip. I trusted HIM through a rough time. He never disappointed.

My wife wanted to get involved with Vineyard Kids as my daughter was telling her about it. She has a lifetime of experience with kids in church, VBS, teaching and so on. While she serves at 10:30 each week I wanted somewhere to serve. My prayers were answered with a fit.

I'm always impressed with the protocol here at the Vineyard with children’s safety. I worked extensively on child safety with the Southern Baptist Association, and helped pen the Child Safety Program at a large Baptist Church, so I thought I would like being involved with child safely. Well, I filled out an inquiry and they welcomed me with open arms.

After some detailed training, I am a green shirt guy every Sunday! Not the Jolly Green Giant, but the "Mean Dean the Security Machine!" Really, not so mean?! The comradery and fellowship with the rest of the Security Team is great. I can’t wait to get to my post each week. What I have learned most is that it’s not about me, but about HIM and those HE has put in my circle.   

Interested in serving with Vineyard Kids? Stop by the Community Room after any service the weekend of March 14 & 15 for a brief Vineyard Kids Info Meeting. No commitment needed. LEARN MORE 

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