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"I Found My Family Here"

Judy Sharp | May 30, 2019

We are so thankful for volunteers like Judy Sharp! She served at The Healing Center for over 8 years on the Guest Support Team and currently serves as the Floor Manager on Saturdays. She's also there to lend a helping hand throughout the week as a Step One facilitator.   

How did you get started? 
I was an educator and school counselor for 31 years. In the later years of my career I started to think about what I would do after retirement. My thought was that I would start a non-profit and serve others. Then, when I started attending the Vineyard about 12 years ago, I discovered that the Healing Center was already doing everything I wanted to do (and more). I knew right then that this was where God had been leading me. 

What do you like about serving in this way? 
The best part of serving in this role is meeting people and building relationships with our guests. It’s like visiting with old friends each time they return to us. The opportunity to serve others and reflect God's love lifts my spirits and blesses me beyond measure. It also gives me the opportunity to surround myself with others who desire to further the Kingdom through God’s works at the Healing Center.

This and other serving roles at the Vineyard (including 4 years in the Cafe) have helped me to meet and interact with others, make great friends and feel connected to the Vineyard community.

I don’t have biological family in Cincinnati, but the people I have met through serving at the Healing Center and at the Vineyard has filled my life with "family.” People who care about me and love me unconditionally are always there, glad to see me and uplifting my life in immeasurable ways!

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