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I've seen God...

Roger Mason | January 18, 2023

We asked Roger Mason, a Growth & Healing leader, to share how he's seen God working in the lives of people in his Growth & Healing Group, “Freedom Through Forgiveness.”

“This past fall, I watched God deal with some very challenging and mind-boggling circumstances and dynamics, some of which were the absolute worst forgiveness scenarios that I have ever encountered or seen to date.

Week after week, I watched God, through His Holy Spirit, begin the healing process in heart wrenching situations. These participants started taking ownership and responsibility for their own actions and contributions while also attempting to release their extremely deep-seated pain, disappointment and bitterness.

I observed how God, through His Holy Spirit, truly showed up in this particular class by softening the hearts and minds of those in severe distress. I witnessed them slowly begin to release their pain, bitterness, and devastation through many tears and tissues. And in return, they started experiencing inner peace that true freedom and forgiveness provides.”

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