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Making Church Possible For My Family

Autumn Menke | January 22, 2020

We talked with Lana, a parent of a child in our Bridge Builders program, and here's what she had to say:

"The Bridge Builders program has been such a blessing to my family. My son is 14 and has Autism. Without Bridge Builders, my church attendance would have been impossible.

If you don't know what this ministry is, I'm going to educate you. Bridge Builders (BB) pairs your child with a buddy who helps them participate in weekly services. They even have their very own classroom where they can go if they become overwhelmed by sensory overload — this room was a life saver for my son. While a special room is great, it couldn't be done without the volunteers who help make it happen.

Thanks to some caring, patient people, Ian has been able to grow up in church, learning about the love of Christ. So, I need to thank all of the volunteers who have participated in this program through the years, even if you haven't worked with my child. You have made church possible for many.

If you're thinking about joining this program as a volunteer, I would encourage you to do it. The impact you will make goes far beyond the child."

More About Bridge Builders
Bridge Builder's mission is to demonstrate God’s love by ministering to families and their children with special needs by providing opportunities for them to know Jesus and experience God’s love in a way that is accessible to them.

Services can include Bible lessons, worship, and a blessing. If you have a child that is elementary age, please email Autumn Menke to discuss ways we might serve you. 

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