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Meet Doug Dunlap

Doug Dunlap | March 6, 2019

Doug has been serving at Vineyard Cincinnati for the past 4 years. He currently serves as an Outreach Coach and on the Prayer Team at the 10:30am Sunday service. 

He and Melody Lewis lead a worship service in the chapel at Birchwood Senior Center in Fairfield Township on Friday afternoons. This service is very popular among the residents, so several other volunteers from the Vineyard also serve with them occasionally. 

"What I like most about serving is the people I meet," says Doug, "both fellow volunteers and the people we are serving. 

"I've always been 'hard wired' to serve. In fact, I've been a Community Outreach Pastor at three different churches over the years. For the past 10 years, I've worked at City Gospel Mission, helping train numerous volunteers at a variety of churches.

"Since coming to Vineyard Cincinnati 4 1/2 years ago, serving has been a great way for my family and I to get connected with others. Rather than viewing Vineyard Cincinnati as a 'big church,' we view it as a 'small town.' 

"A 'big church' can be overwhelming, but in a 'small town' we may not know everyone, but we gravitate toward those who share the same interests. This is how we view the body of Christ at VCC!"

If you'd like to serve with Doug and the Outreach Team at our next Serve Saturday, sign up here.

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