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Putting God First

Shannon Niehaus | January 24, 2020

God is on the move in our lives and in His Church! Here's a sample of the responses we received to the questions, "How was your experience with the Lord during the 20-day fast? Where have you grown? What did you hear?" 

"It was refreshing, eye-opening and brought a fresh new perspective to a lot of things with my walk with the Lord. Lots of great prayer time! Thanks for all of the encouragement! God is good." 

"My experience has been one of teaching. There were days I fell short of the goals/standards that I set for myself and Jesus saw me through it. I've grown in knowledge of what I'm truly capable of when I lean on Jesus. Now I have to remain consistent!" 

"God spoke and I'm listening! I spent 20 glorious days without social media and it really pointed out the negative spheres and mind space it puts me in. Not to mention the time suck! I learned a new hobby, fell in love with reading the Bible, and made a serious step in spending more intentional time with my family. Going forward I will only use social media sparingly to check in with family!"

"I'm continuing my fast because it was a very enlightening time for me. I was abstaining from drinking any alcohol which also changed my socializing habits. During this time, I worked on aligning my spirit with the actions of my body. Alcohol brings me out of my comfort zone and I am a bit more outgoing. I want to grow confident in myself naturally, without a crutch. Thanks for the encouragement along the way!" 

"My mind was a lot clearer and I found myself desiring to get deeper into God's Word and be aware of His presence. I had a stronger prayer life, a higher awareness, and felt more positive and upbeat." 

"I've been a Christian for a long time, but I've prayed more to God, and have gotten closer to Him in the past 20 days than ever before. Thank you for encouraging our church to do this fast and prayer!" 

"My experience was uplifting. The Lord truly heard my prayers of concern and allowed me to heal where I thought it would never happen. He has given me a heart to love and forgive those that have hurt me. Allowing Him to be shown in all that I have done and will do." 

"I feel as though my relationship with the Lord grew in those 20 days due to constant prayer. I've been asking for strength, thanking Him for all He is, and for blessing me with this life and the people around me that supported me through the fast. My attitude towards life has gotten more positive and I have grown within myself a little bit. It was a great start to where I could be. I am excited to keep going on this journey with God and learning so much more about myself." 

Missed the all-church fast?
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