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Serve with a Whole Heart

Amanda Matthews | July 29, 2019

We asked Amanda Matthews, a Women’s Community Leader, a few questions about how serving has impacted her life. 

Has serving helped you feel connected with the Vineyard community?
Absolutely! I’ve been able to get to know more people and therefore have more people who can build into me. I think “everything is better done together.” 

Serving in Women’s Community has given me the opportunity to be surrounded with a leadership team of wholesome believers and supporters. I often think of my life and am in awe of the power and impact that being in the Word (the Bible) has had on my life. 

Do you have a story about how you got started in this serving role?

I started by leading a small group on my own within my home. I picked a study I wanted to do and invited others. When it wrapped up, my group asked for more! With every study, I self imposed negative thoughts. I thought I wasn’t a good leader, I wasn’t connecting well enough, etc. yet, with each new study, my group grew! When I decided to officially join the leadership team and lead within the church, I squashed all those awful false thoughts.

The training, support, and genuine love I am surrounded by within Women’s Community solidifies my decision to step it up and serve with a whole heart. If I let God lead, I merely facilitate the group, and the rest is in His hands. 

What’s a testimonial without a shoutout to Jennifer Shock? We did a test run of “Mom Set Free” study in my home a couple summers back. Several women who didn’t know each other gathered at my house bi-weekly. 

When a member of the church asked about joining Women’s Community, Jennifer knew that my house is open to ANYONE. We look back at that experience fondly. I have so many sweet memories from that time. 

Jennifer’s grace, love and kindness further encouraged me to get and stay involved with Women’s Community. As Pastor Rob speaks of often, we are but tools in God’s hands. What a precious gift to be able to serve in leadership within Women’s Community. 

If you're interested in learning more about Women's Community, visit or email Jennifer Shock at

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