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Resources for talking with kids about race and injustice

Julie Strasser | June 3, 2020

Hi Vineyard Families, 

We wanted to provide you with some helpful, faith-based tools to support you as you talk with your children about issues surrounding race and justice.

Remember, your child is building their worldview, so begin with the end in mind: to raise your children to know and love Jesus and to grow to be more like Him.

Even when we don’t know all of the answers, we can assure our kids that their questions are ok and point them to what you know is true.

Here are a few Scriptures to get you started:

  • Micah 6:8
  • Matt 7:12
  • Eph 4:32
  • James 3:18

We are praying for you as you are shaping your child’s heart.  

Your VK Staff

Resources for parents

Christianity Today:  How to talk to kids about racism, an article for parents.

Desiring God:  A post about the excuses we give ourselves for not talking about racism.

How to Talk With Our Kids About Racial Equality:  Discussing racial equality with our kids.

Focus on the Family:  A biblical based article that emphasizes racism as sin.

Christie Thomas Blog:  Video with encouraging message on talking to your kids about racism.

Parent Cue:  Four Questions to ask yourself before talking to your kids about racism.

Bounceback Parenting:  60 different age-based resources and tools for parents to help with teaching anti-racism.

Books for kids




The above books are just a few selections. Here are some websites with extensive book lists for kids on race and dealing with racism.
Please note that these links are great starting points. Please use parental discretion for age-appropriate conversations.

Embrace Race:  Link to 31 books to support conversations around racism.

Blue Manatee:  This business is local to Cincinnati. They have a 1:1 program. For each book purchased, a book will be donated to a disadvantaged reader.

Read Brightly:  Links to other sites about race discussion with kids as well as an extensive book list for all ages.

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