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The Dancing Parking Guy

Shannon Niehaus | April 15, 2019

If you go in the Main Entrance, you've probably seen Alan Tucker dancing around in a florescent yellow shirt fist bumping folks with a big smile. Alan brightens everyone's day by serving on the parking team. 

What do you like best about serving on the parking team?

I'm able to greet visitors with a smile and some goofy dancing, while ensuring their safety at the same time. It’s nice to bring a little joy to someone else for a short period of time. I’ve made some new friends and feel a sense of purpose in making other people happy as they come to church. 

How has serving others impacted your life?

I find a greater sense of purpose in service the community than in any other facet. Sometimes the little change you can make in someone’s day can make the greatest impact. Not only does it feel great to do such a thing but you know your are making the world a better place, even in the smallest of things.

I want to make a difference and stand out as a positive influence among my other parking team members. 

Would you like to serve on the parking team? Try it out on Easter and see if you'd like it! Sign up today at

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