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Vicki Billow's Serving Story

Shannon Niehaus | October 8, 2018

Get to know Vicki Billow

Vicki and her husband Dan have been serving on the Vineyard’s Hospitality Team for over 5 years. She leads a team of about 70 volunteers including greeters, coffee brewers, info team, ushers, and more. She does a great job of making sure our guests feel welcomed and receive assistance when needed. We are so thankful for Vicki’s heart for serving God, and her dedication to the Vineyard.

How did you start serving? 
I served occasionally at outreach events but didn't start serving regularly until I joined the Hospitality team. What a difference it makes to serve regularly! You get to know a whole team of people that you serve with. I’ve also found that I’ve gotten to know a lot more people that attend the Vineyard, too! I thought I would be making a "sacrifice" of my time to bless others, but I AM the one that has been richly blessed! I've gotten to see God at work in many ways. 

How did you start coming to the Vineyard?
I’d been attending a church in West Chester, but after going through a divorce, I felt like I didn't fit as well there. A friend had been attending the Vineyard and invited me to visit. I started "sneaking" into the balcony of the Vineyard on Saturday nights, and continued to serve at my church on Sundays until I made the decision to make the Vineyard my "home church.” That was 17 years ago!

Do you feel connected with the community at the Vineyard?
Yes, especially after I began attending some of the classes, and events that the Vineyard offers, and even more with my serving groups.

How did you come to Christ?
I was raised in a home where we didn't attend church much, but I had a few family members who were very strong in their Christian faith. They planted the seeds and watered them with a lot of prayers for me. I resisted "becoming a Christian" at first, at least in part because of not feeling good enough to be a Christian. I didn't feel like I would fit into that group.

Ultimately, I got to a point where what I was doing with my life wasn't working. Translation: I HIT THE BOTTOM. I realized that I needed Jesus as my Savior, and turn from my self-directed way of life to a God-directed way of life. It hasn't always been a straight and easy path since then, but I find that the more I let God have of me and my day, the better everything is.

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