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What an AMAZING Night of Prophetic Prayer & Communion!

Clay Harrington | August 23, 2022

We had another amazing Prophetic Prayer and Communion Night (PPCN) on August 13! We had approximately 250-300 in attendance and were able to enjoy a sweet night of encounter, soaking worship, prophetic encouragement, communion and so much more.

We experienced Holy Spirit move powerfully in our midst as many who served on the prophetic teams were amazed at the accuracy of words and pictures they received for others, as well as a deluge of testimonies of people hearing exactly what they needed to hear!

…and I am still receiving testimony about the night to this day! Thank You Jesus!!

Here are a few testimonies from the night:

  • "My husband and I were looking for a church service to attend on Saturday night. We came across the vineyard having a prophetic prayer. My husband Bob got a word through a pair of guys from your church that blessed me very much and was the same truth I have tried to speak into my husband. One of the guys had a gold name tag with black letters on it. I couldn't make out the letters, but I wanted to thank them. They spoke about Bob being so critical of himself and how God thinks it's beautiful when he sings. They also could tell my husband has a big heart and were breaking off any past hurts and things that could be hindering him. When Bob told me these things I could feel the Holy Spirit churn inside of me I was crying and shouting hallelujah in the car, leaving the parking lot of the church! Thank you for hosting this event, may God continue to bless this ministry and those serving in it." — Rachel Copas

  • "I encountered God in a powerful way. During prayer the prayer team hit on exactly what my heart needed and even used words and phrases they never could have known without the Holy Spirit. This is my second time at this event and it changes lives." — Coop

  • "I felt the Holy Spirit was like a pot of water slowly coming to a boil and simmering in the room...I felt like I was being told that Holy Spirit had the power to wash me clean from my sins. I kept getting a nudge to speak to a couple sitting next to me and gave me a word for them ...finally I shared it with them...and they thought it was timely." — Anonymous

  • "Been battling stress at work, coupled with my wife battling an illness. God revealed to me that I was carrying more than I should be. He touched me and reminded me that He is for us. I needed to remember my limitations and to leave my burdens with the Lord." — Anonymous

If I entered all the testimonies there would not be enough room in the digital space to contain it all… 😜 Just kidding! But there were many reports of testimonies of profound encounters with Jesus.

And to top off the evening, we got to enjoy amazing food from Charcuterie Creations! WOWZA!!

What a way to end an incredible night of fun, fellowship and encounter.

If you have any God stories or share your experience from the last PPCN - feel free to email us your story at!

🔥 Clay

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