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What is God saying to the Intercessory Team? September 2022 Update

Clay Harrington | September 21, 2022

Intercessory Prayer Update, Sept. 7, 2022:

We began the meeting with a short teaching and then sought God through listening, thanksgiving, praise, worship and prayer.

Chuck Patterson shared a brief message encouraging us at VCC to continue to pray and intercede. Matt Massey made the following point recently, “The key to being unleashed for more is prayer and worship.” and felt it imperative to continue to press in and spend time with Jesus developing a lifestyle of prayer.

As we interceded, we felt we heard the following:

We saw VCC as a ship, the bigger the ship the longer it takes to turn, be assured it is turning and will get there on-time.

We felt VCC was in a transition from "Come & See Institution" to a "Go & Tell Movement", from a "Love Boat" to a "Warship" that goes on the offensive.

Some in the meeting had a sense that angels were here with us and gathered among us during the weekend services.

One received a picture of wine being poured from a wine press or vat into containers.

Another received a picture of the sun shining many rays into dark places, and that people were curious about the light.

Another saw the VCC heart increasing tenderness for the poor and those who are suffering.

We received a picture of a child on a swing simply enjoying the presence of the Lord, not worried, in His presence comes joy, strength, courage.

Saw VCC at maximum capacity and even more people than max capacity. Worshippers like Jericho marching around the walls, the walls fall down, more flow and community around us.

Would you join us in praying the above points over our church and city?

Our next Intercessory Prayer Meeting is Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022 from 6:00am-7:30am in the main building auditorium. We invite you to join us.

The Intercessory Team

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