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WHO DEY Think Gonna Beat Our God?! Nobody!

Clay Harrington | January 31, 2022

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Since the fam and I moved to the Cincy area - it’s been fascinating to witness the unreal and unlikely underdog stories unfold. To watch the UC bearcat football program make it to the Cotton Bowl (what?!), and to witness the Cincinnati Bengals come from a 21-3 deficit to clinch the AFC Championship and qualify for the Super Bowl has been NUTS! The city is stirred up with celebration and anticipation! 🙌🏾

One phrase the fam and I were quickly introduced to, although it’s origin story differs depending on who you ask, is the phrase, “Who Dey.” This phrase triggers pride, excitement, and a Cincinnati camaraderie among other things. It’s a unique culture in and of itself, and if I’m being honest, one I’ve quickly come to embrace.

What does “Who Dey” mean? It’s a distinctive war cry of Bengals fans. It’s a code to the phrase: “Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals?!” Usually chanted after a touchdown or win. It has provocative yet celebratory meaning.

What I also experience (and love) about this city is their fight! And the Cincinnati teams that have made headlines embody this gritty "come-from-behind" spirit the city has come to be known for.

With all this swirling in the air, I can’t help but to think of the Kingdom. Aren’t we, Kingdom people, more than conquerors? Aren’t we called to “fight the good fight” even when it looks and feels like we've lost?

When “Who Dey” is chanted for the Bengals, it triggers a hope that keeps the team fighting to the end. But shouldn’t this also trigger hope for sons and daughters of the King?

Instead of “Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals?” don’t we have biblical permission to war cry in the spirit, “Who Dey think gonna beat our God?”

So when (not if) the scoreboard reflects we’re losing and we find ourselves in a place of pain, suffering, loneliness or whatever dark place that has us wanting to throw in the towel, may we be reminded to look within — to Jesus the Hope of Glory — who will, yet again, bring another victory!

“Who Dey think gonna beat our God?!”

And yes, I believe the Bengals will bring home the Lombardi Trophy! 🏆 WHO DEY! — Clay Harrington

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