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Why I serve.

Shannon Niehaus | October 22, 2018

We asked John Gannon, a Coffee Brewer at the Saturday evening service what he likes best about serving at the Vineyard.
I like the way I get to connect with the body of believers. I get to talk to people on a really personal level that I would not get to otherwise.
I am learning that people tend to open up a little to someone who serves them drinks!

How has serving others impacted your life?
I didn't feel very connected BEFORE I started serving. Volunteering really opened a lot of doors for me. It’s helped me feel accepted and needed at Vineyard, instead of just being a consumer of sermons and coffee. It’s given me more of a place in this local church.

Serving has helped me realize that people are just people. There aren't any of us that are different from each other. We all have stories and interesting lives. Behind each of us is something that God values, which in turn, makes me value them.

Do you have a story about how you got started in this serving role?
My wife and I had been coming to Vineyard for about a year and a half when we were approached by another volunteer. She noted that we seemed to be coming on a pretty consistent basis and we were always happy. She needed someone to fill in for her coffee bar spot in the next few months and suddenly, viola! I'm a coffee brewer!

If you're interested in serving in Hospitality, connect with us.

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