Christmas at the Vineyard

Update: Tickets for the in-person experience are sold out.

You are invited to participate from home; please have a candle ready!

On December 23 & 24, you're invited to experience the hope & joy of the Christmas season. We'll celebrate the birth of Jesus through classic songs and candle lighting.

Gather your family together to watch the service LIVE on, Facebook and YouTube.


Location & Times

11340 Century Circle E., Springdale, OH, 45246

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Wednesday, December 23
Miércoles Diciembre 23

  • 5:00pm*
  • 7:00pm**

Thursday, December 24
Jueves Diciembre 24

  • 5:00pm
  • 7:00pm
*Interpreted service in American Sign Language on Wednesday at 5pm
**Interpretación al Español el Miércoles 23 de Diciembre a las 7pm. (Spanish Interpretation offered via headsets)

Doors will open at 4:30pm on Dec. 23 & 24

Childcare is available for infants through 5 years during each Christmas Eve service, Dec 23 & 24.

Obtenga su entrada gratuita (Se requiere boleto para la admisión.)


I forgot to reserve a ticket; can I still attend?

Tickets for the in-person event are sold out. If you don't have a ticket, please watch online or on Youtube

What happens if I lost my ticket or forgot it?

If you forget to bring your ticket or email confirmation, we can find your ticket in our system; no problem!


Childcare is available for infants through 5 years during each Christmas Eve service (Dec. 23-24), which will include play time, a snack, and songs.

Children ages 6 years and older are invited to attend any of our family-friendly Christmas Eve services. Facial coverings are required for children in kindergarten or older. 

El cuidado de niños está disponible para bebés de hasta 5 años.

What's the Christmas Eve Outreach?

After each Christmas Eve service, we're giving away Busken Christmas cookies to people who are away from their families on Christmas Eve. 

What do cookies  have to do with Christmas?
We take every opportunity we can to live out our core values of generosity and serving others, and Christmas Eve is no exception. 

What do I do with the cookies?
Take a box (or two) after the service and give away some holiday cheer to someone after the Christmas Eve service.

1. Grab your boxes

2. Go give them away! There's someone out there who needs to know that God sees them and cares about them.

This is the fun part! Anyone who needs a little Christmas cheer is fair game. Take your cookies somewhere close to your home to make sure we're not just covering the Tri-County area.

Here are more ideas:

  • Retail Locations
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Gas Stations, Convenience Stores
  • Drive-Thru
  • Laundromats
  • Grocery Stores
  • Urgent Care
  • Anywhere with the light on!

3. Say Merry Christmas!

Simply say something like “Merry Christmas! Our church just wanted to show you God’s love since you're working around the holidays; God bless!"

What's it like at Vineyard Cincinnati Church?

Vineyard Cincinnati is open to everyone—no matter what your thoughts are about God or church.

No one is going to single you out or ask you to stand up and give your name.

Whether you’re new to church or been around your whole life, you're in good company with those of us who are exploring who God is—or rediscovering what church can be.

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Please wear a mask


A facial covering is required for all guests, volunteers, staff, and children in kindergarten or older. Disposable masks are available in the lobbies if you forget one. Thank you in advance! you attend regularly? You're invited to volunteer at a Christmas Eve Service...

Serve at Christmas


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Christmas Eve at the Vineyard

Christmas Eve at the Vineyard