Vineyard Cincinnati does not provide professional counseling, but does have a relationship with many of the fine Christian counselors in our area.

Referral to a Christian Counselor (with insurance):

If you would like assistance identifying Christian counselors in your insurance network, contact Mark Lutz, pastor of Life Reset. You will need a hard-copy listing of your network providers or a web address for your insurance company, the program your employer has contracted to provide to you; e.g., PPO, HMO, EPO, POS, and your zip code for finding counselors in your area. To get you started here are several agencies that have multiple staff; one might be on your insurance panel.

Life Way Christian Counseling (513) 769-4600
Thompson and Associates (513) 489-1171
Dr. Doug Reed and Associates (513) 779-7400

Referral to a Christian Counselor (without insurance):

Counseling Alliance
(513) 376-9757

College Hill Presbyterian Church Counseling Center
Jeanne Schneider (513) 541-5676 ext.1160

Jeff Baker, PhD
Hamilton & West Chester
(513) 726-5551

Freedom Counseling Services, LLC
Kristin Wooten, PC, CR, MA
8080 Beckett Center Drive, Suite 123
West Chester, OH 45069
(937) 404-1084

YouthWorks Counseling, Stephanie Young
3952 North Bend Road
Cincinnati, OH 45211
(513) 661-TEEN (8336)

Agencies that offer sliding scale fees
If you have no insurance coverage you may want to contact an agency that can provide counseling on a sliding scale fee structure. These agencies offer sliding scale fees:

PPI Consultation
(513) 791-5990

Cincinnati Christian University Counseling Center
Price Hill
(513) 244-8193

There are also these non-professional lay helping organizations who offer services at little or no cost.

Eve Center (513) 985-9959
Teleios Ministry (College Hill Presbyterian Church) (513) 541-5676

Life Reset Classes/Groups