Pre-Marriage Session June 2023

Friday, June 2, 2023

Upcoming Session: June 2, 3, 9 & 10, 2023

Deadline June Session: May 19, 2023

Whether you're in a serious relationship, considering marriage, or engaged with a wedding date, the Vineyard's Pre-Marriage Class is for you!

In this class, you and your partner will explore issues like communication, conflict resolution, finances, and faith.

This is a great opportunity to learn how closely you two agree on these topics, and even look at couples around the country who are experiencing successful marriages.

If you're serious enough to invest in your relationship to make it great, let us help.

Planning to get married at Vineyard Cincinnati?

  • This class is required if you wish to be married by a Vineyard Pastor, either at our beautiful Chapel (seats 350) or offsite.
  • You must attend all the dates in the class session.
  • The Pre-Marriage Class is $125 for the couple and is payable at the time of registration (by the person registering).
  • Only one person of the couple needs to register and pay, but it would help if the partner is available to answer questions on the Pre-Registration Survey.
  • This class is only offered 3 times a year in January/February, June & October.
  • We recommend that couples who are engaged register for classes 6-12 months prior to their wedding date.
  • Please be sure to register below by the deadline.

Pre-Marriage Inventory

Approximately one month before the Pre-Marriage Class starts, you will receive an email asking each of you to complete a Pre-Marriage Inventory online (different from the Pre-registration Survey).

Each couple attending the class will be assigned a mentor couple the first night of class and will meet with this couple one-time following class to review the Pre-Marriage Inventory. This meeting is your opportunity for individualized attention. It typically takes two hours.

This inventory compares your answers with those of your partner and identifies strength and growth areas for you to discuss in class. The inventory is confidential; only your mentor couple and pastor will see it. It is copyrighted and remains at church for your use during the class. After you complete the classes, your mentor couple will provide your marrying Pastor with a summary memo.

The inventory covers the same topics which are covered in the sessions:

1. Family of Origin (how the family you grew up in impacts the family you are creating together)

2. Communication

3. Conflict & Anger

4. Sex & Intimacy (we like to let couples know in advance that we teach God's plan is for sexual intimacy in marriage)

5. Finances

6. Blending Families (if either of you has children)

7. Re-Marriage (if either of you has been married before)

8. Growth & Planning for the Future

The classes are taught by couples from the Pre-Marriage Teaching Team.

If you have further questions, please contact DeDe at 513-671-0422 Ext. 393.

Date(s) for Pre-Marriage Session June 2023

  • Friday, Jun 2, 2023 / 6:30PM Tri-County (Main Building) Register