Kings Island Middle School Hang Out Day

Kings Island Middle School Hang Out Day

Your middle school student (grades 6-8) is invited to Kings Island Hang Out Day on Tuesday, July 27 starting at 11am.

We'll be hanging out at Kings Island all day long, from 11am-7pm!

Just drop your student at the parent drop off at 11am, where we will meet up, and be back to collect them at 7pm! Easiest fun day ever! 

We will be in groups of 5 or more and will have check-ins with leaders throughout the day.

Purchase a Daily Admission Ticket for July 27 Here

Please Note: We will not be attending Soak City, KI's waterpark, so be sure to purchase the correct pass!

Questions? Call the Vineyard Students office at 513-671-0422 ext 167 or email