ArtVentures: Preschool Art with Mr. Bob!

ArtVentures: Preschool Art with Mr. Bob!

At each event, preschoolers will embark on a journey of imagination and faith through various art activities. Led by the enthusiastic and talented Mr. Bob, these sessions promise to be both entertaining and educational. The carefully crafted activities are designed to instill important values and stories from the life of Jesus in an accessible and enjoyable manner for young minds.

Parents and guardians can expect their little ones to engage in hands-on projects that include painting, drawing, crafting, and more. These activities will not only spark creativity but also provide opportunities for meaningful conversations about God and the Bible. Each event will focus on a different story of the Bible, allowing children to build a deeper connection with these stories.

ArtVentures: Preschool Art with Mr. Bob aims to create a nurturing environment where children can express themselves artistically while also growing spiritually. It's a unique blend of art and faith that promises to leave a lasting impact on both kids and their families.

Don't miss this chance to foster your child's creativity and understanding of Jesus in a fun and interactive way. Mark your calendars for October 19, November 16, and December 14 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. We can't wait to see your preschoolers flourish in the world of art and faith at ArtVentures with Mr. Bob!

Date(s) for ArtVentures: Preschool Art with Mr. Bob!

Registration for event starting December 14 has closed.