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Serve Saturday (Outreach for Everyone)

Serve Saturday (Outreach for Everyone)

Let's come together for some powerful outreach! Every Serve Saturday we will have something for all ages and the whole family to reach our community. The adventure will start in the Big Room in the main building. We will meet to pray and prep, then go be involved in powerful outreach, and finish our time with an optional meal and share stories of our time together! 

Summer is winding down which means school starts soon. Have you ever considered how much work is actually done to get ready for a new school year? Teachers do so much to get ready, even before the first-day students arrive. We’re taking this opportunity to support our teachers by serving them at our next Serve Saturday on August 12th. Register now at Meet in the Atrium at Tri-County at 9 am. From there we will go out to many different schools and help teachers get their classrooms ready.

All dates for Serve Saturday (Outreach for Everyone)

  • Register Saturday, Aug 12 / 9:00AM Tri-county Campus
  • Saturday, Oct 21 / 9:00AM Tri-county Campus
  • Saturday, Dec 16 / 9:00AM Tri-county Campus