Elevate: HS Guys Summer Bible Study

Elevate: HS Guys Summer Bible Study

Join us this summer as we go through a Bible Study called RISK.

This is a Bible study for guys who are ready to go to the next level in their faith — and ready to say goodbye to playing it safe when it comes to radically trusting their Savior.

RISK challenges guys to avoid eliminating risk from their lives, because when it comes to faith, all the energy spent eliminating risk actually becomes a barrier in their spiritual journey. Predictability. Control. Safety. Comfort. Jesus challenges Godly guys to throw all those words out the window.

This 6-week summer study will be led by our amazing HouseGroup leader Shandale Green as he helps us unpack the truth of God’s word and challenges us to take risks in our walk with Jesus. It will be an amazing time of discussion and community you won’t want to miss!

Cost: $5 To help cover the cost of books.

Registration Deadline June 7.

Dates for Elevate: HS Guys Summer Bible Study

Registration for event starting June 9 has closed.

  • Sunday, Jun 7, 2020 / 6:30PM Tri-county