MOVE 500

When our most popular service time feels overcrowded, there's no room to welcome and encourage new people — it's like putting up a "No Vacancy" sign.

Move 500 is an initiative that involves all of us.
Together we can make room for more people to hear the good news of Christ by attending a service other than Sunday at 10:30am.

If you regularly attend the 10:30am Sunday service...Pray, Serve, Go!


Are you and/or your family being called to make room for someone else to find God through this church? Pray for those who will fill the empty seats.


It takes hundreds of volunteers serving on the weekends to make the Vineyard such a great place for adults and kids. As we make room for more people to come, you can be part of making that happen! 

Choose from a variety of serving roles available in Vineyard Kids, Hospitality and on other weekend teams. 

Not sure which team would be the best fit? No problem! We can help you find the best serving role for you! Just Fill Out This Form

Find out more about serving with one of the following:


Vineyard Kids

Vineyard Students


When do we go?
Feb. 24 & 25 – Those who have committed will MOVE!