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What makes a OneLife Group different from a normal small group?

Onelife Groups are specifically designed for business professionals and their experiences in the workplace. The average American worker will spend 2000 hours at their place of employment vs. 53 hours in church: how we live our lives in the workplace greatly impacts the culture we intentionally create around us.

What can I expect from joining a OneLife Group?

Personal Growth, Community, and honesty. OneLife groups are small groups of professionals specifically designed to help grow you as you step into a deeper relationship with God. Transparency & integrity are at our core in these groups, giving you space to share your experiences and challenges in the workplace and dive deeper into kingdom-minded solutions. Light coaching, mentoring, and a leadership centric curriculum also play a large part in what makes these groups unique.

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What’s the time commitment?

For our set groups, members commit to meeting twice monthly with their groups for one year. For our open group, participants may attend when it works best for them.

What kinds of outreach do you do?

Current Outreach Opportunities are:

Back2Back in Haiti.
OneLife is helping discover ways to help orphans aging out of the homes at age 18 be ready for meaningful employment, breaking the chains of financial poverty.

Princeton High School Career Camp.
OneLife volunteers prepare a week of career exploration to help a cohort of students better understand employment options in the community.(James 1:5)

OneLife in the Workplace
OneLife in the workplace is an initiative to train and encourage faith-filled employees to start a OneLife group at work. Participants commit to a 9 week program and experience quality content that encourages a fully faith integrated life.

Are groups confidential?

Yes, what’s spoken of in the group stays in the group. This is critical given we value the professional relationships of our members.

What’s the curriculum like?

The OneLife has created and curated curriculum that teaches topics such as generosity, integrity, pruning, hearing God, growth, stewardship and more. It has been formulated to help each participant think about how the wisdom shown relates to them uniquely, and encourages them to practice these truths personally and professionally.

Where, When, and how often do groups meet?

Both set and open groups meet twice monthly, either virtually or in person depending on which you would prefer. In person groups will either meet in the Healing Center Classrooms or at a location most convenient for them.

Are we on Social Media?

Absolutely! We’re on Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn. Be sure to follow up to keep up with news and upcoming events.

How long do OneLife Groups run for?

One year, but you can stay plugged in for longer. Each participant is asked to commit to a year, and many have been together for three. OneLife content covers three full years if members wish to remain engaged with the group. Our goal in Onelife is to connect marketplace leaders within intentional communities of discipleship & encouragement. We accomplish this by creating intentional small groups where professionals can grow deeper in faith and fellowship with each other. With this in mind, we ask new members to agree to commit to a year with the group. OneLife Open group runs continuously.

For any additional questions, please contact Katherine Helms at or 513-671-0422 ext. 265 for more information about the OneLife Ministry.

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