Week 3: Take the Giving Challenge

Giving is like a trust fall; it strengthens our trust in God and strengthens our abilities to be the managers of what God has given

For the next 60 Days...

  • If you have never given... start giving something

  • If you've never done percentage giving... try it. You can start with 1% or wherever God leads

  • If you prayerfully know you're called to try tithing now... do that!

  • And if you've been tithing... grow your generosity beyond that!

  • READ two pages a day in the Treasure Principle book

Two Ways to Give:

TEXT TO GIVE: Text G and your giving amount to 513-657-4222

GIVE ONLINE: Set up your gift online!

Week 2: Worship Challenge

This challenge has weekly themes to help guide us into spaces of worship.

Below is a link to the Spotify playlist that is updated weekly for each theme that we're focusing on.

Why Worship?

  • To give glory to the Lord
  • To put our focus on Jesus
  • To be led by the Spirit

Week 1: Prayer Challenge

The prayer challenge goes through Dec. 2, 2022. Add these daily prayers to your calendar or print them out.

Why Pray?
One of the ways we cultivate a deep-rooted system in Jesus is by spending time abiding and talking to God.

The more time we spend praying with God, the more we will experience His power enabling us...

  • to stand firm in Him during hard times
  • bear fruit that remains
  • and bring the Father even more glory

60-Day Prayer Challenge Calendar

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